MINING LAW – Keeping current

The mining industry is as vibrant as ever with commodity prices bouncing all over the place, both in the precious and base metals sectors and with companies reacting and dealing with the startling increase in the costs of operating around the world.  Against this backdrop, countries (and provinces/states within countries) are busy changing the laws affecting mining companies and in some cases, increasing royalty or other tax-based payments.  The question is how to keep abreast of those developments in order to safeguard an investment or to decide whether a jurisdiction is a proper place to make an investment. 

Many of the Canadian law firms have very good Security Law/Mining newsletters.  One of my favourites is Fraser Milner’s (and in the interest of full, true and plain disclosure – this is the law firm where I got my start).  Subscriptions can be obtained at Securities Mining Law at  Another good source is the websites of the securities commission whether Ontario, Alberta or others.  Browsing their “What’s new” Section is a must-read every week or so. 

On an international scale, it is more difficult to get timely and useful information.  Having been fortunate to attend a conference at Watson, Farley & Williams in London, UK last year, I am now receiving their email newsletter service (
comms@wfw.comThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
)   This service is brilliant as it gives a global perspective with respect to new laws and regulations in parts of the world that one might not easily find them.  Recently, their newsletter featured the New Mongolian Foreign Investment Law, the Indonesian Mining Export Tax and a reprise of an article by one of their partners on the impact of resource nationalism on investors.  While the reader might not have an immediate need for information about Indonesia or other parts of the mining world, it is good to know where to find this information when it suddenly becomes relevant and topical. 

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